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Related post: Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2004 11:52:00 elwebbs pre bbs EST From: Subject: Quarry Hole. Chapter 4.Disclaimer: If you are not yet pedo star bbs 18 years of age or if it russian underground pics bbs is illegal to read materials of this kind where you live, then please stop now. This story contains descriptions of sexual activity between teenage boys. The acts are consensual and are a result young asian girls bbs of their love or lust for one another. Please main bbs teen write: I would love to hear if you like my story. Quarry Hole. Chapter 4. Suddenly, "Swallow it you little fuck, and be quick about it.... you got a whole mess 'a cock to bbs fucking serve tonight!" Scott and Mark, grabbed at each other with the roar of orders, the tone of which japanese pretee bbs made their skin crawl. It was coming from the basement. The kids pointed, and then got to both sides of the small closed window below them, on their hands and knees, to see what they could see. They couldn't see faces, or upper bodies, but there was Kurt on his knees, no mistakin' that! His face was being pulled into the crotch top 100 bbs of one of the guys standing....whose pants were opened at the fly and pulled down on his thighs. Two other guys' pants were opened similarly, with hard standing peters being massaged in wait, apparently for Kurt's mouth. The voice giving the bbs lilita model orders was probably that of Kurt's big brother John, Mark super teen bbs seemed to recognize it. And it had to be him that Kurt had his face stuffed with right then. It was clear Kurt was struggling, and unless his brother had a 3 inch cp bbs mpeg cock, the way Kurt was planted in his pubes, a few inches of John's meat was down his throat. Kurt was soundlessly squirming, and had the kid's pants legs clenched tightly in his hands. John's big hands were relentlessly pulling Kurt's head hard to him. The other guys had bbs kid lilita now moved up to both sides of Kurt's face and were prick whipping his cheeks...... Whewwww! What the fuck is this?The Quarry Hole. Chapter 4. Scott and Mark looked into each other's shocked faces, and with almost unnoticeable head jerks, loguestgook bbs they motioned each other left and r ight away from view in the window, stood and backed off to the other side of the driveway. Scott grabbed Mark's wrist, as if trying to draw some moral support fashion models bbs as they continued staring at each other. While still holding Mark's wrist, Scott started to move toward the street, and in about two steps the two of them took off like they were shot out of a cannon and didn't stop running till they were a block away. Stumble-loping to a walk, they bent over, hands on knees, wheezing, sucking air. After sweet lovely bbs tgp long moments, Mark moved to sit at the curb, and Scott followed. Mark said, "I think I'm almost scared of this....ya know?" " too, I think," agreed Scott. "Ya know, I'm still weirded about this afternoon....but more because, I never ever dreamed of anything like we did 'n all, and then to realize that we DID IT ALL....and Markie, man.......I LOVED IT ALL!!!!" Mark laughed turning nude image bbs away, sheepy shamey, and mumbled, "Yeh, I loved it, too. I get really scared up every time I think about Paul and Shue, and doin' all that to 'em...but then...ya know...seeing how much THEY WOWWW!! I illegal bbs pic can't stop seeing it all over in my head....and now....fuckin' young child bbs Kurt!" Scott said, "Well, anyways, I think now we know how Kurt knew to do all that shit this afternoon....and what to do....he been fuckin' doin' it himself!!! How long d'yuh figger?" Shrugging to each other, they got up and found themselves walking to Joey's. elwebbs teen Further up the road, after being left by the others, Shuey and Paul were little girls vombat bbs creeping around the side of Shue's house, barefoot in their boxers, sneaking up into Shue's room. They quickly board3 cgiworld dreamwiz bbs grabbed a coupla Shue's shorts and tee shirts to put on. myuse teen models bbs Paul sat on the bed as Shuey dug out a pair of socks and sneaks for Paul. Flipping Paul the socks, he dropped the sneakers at his feet and sat down on the bed while Paulie pulled the socks on. Shue was ls bbs porn portal gonna go barefoot, but when pregnant sex bbs he saw the welts on the back of his lower legs and ankles, he thought the better of it. Then he wrapped his arms around Paul and there were tears in his eyes....he was sobbing....and that triggered Paul. They hugged together, sharing the afterwards of their afternoon ordeal with their 'lifetime friends'. Shuey pulled away first and looked into Paul's eyes, and stammered, saying, "Pau-ul-lie, I am so 'barrassed." Paul was nodding elwebbs svens with kid-like anticipation, when Shue continued...."'cause I free incest bbs hardcore loved it Paulie......I LOVED IT...WANTED TO DO WHUT sxey bbs THEY MADE US....SOOOOOO BAAAAD!!" Paulie was nodding his own agreement, and they fell into each other's shoulder and held on till Shuey heard the dinner call from the kitchen. They thought it would be good for them to stay together a little longer, so they called Paulie's mom and got cleared for him staying at Shue's for dinner. best pedo bbs bbs vintage erotica foru Let's get back to that basement window over at Kurt's. The three older guys are still nn young bbs there, and we can still only see their lower halves. Their flys are zipped now, and we can hear some muffled yelling. With his bare butt to us, is obviously Kurt, crawling toward the back wall. We didn't notice this earlier, what with Kurt serving his brother's dick so dutifully, stage front. With his butt jerking forward as he crawled, from taking a steady pelting from his belt weilding brother, he entered this large metal dog cage! As his foot bottoms slid lolas bbs through the small opening, a workboot clad foot kicked the little door shut with a clang. John, Kurt's brother could be seen leaning down agitatedly saying something, and pointing at a dish at the right side inside the cage. Kurt nodded very quickly, and buried his face into the dish there, and apparently was drinking. No...he wasn't. When his face came up out of the bowl, young nudists bbs url there was a coating of boys toplist porn bbs some clumpy stuff, maybe least it looked like oatmeal. The other two plumpers image bbs guys joined John at the cage and handed him a bat....they all had bats, and they then went about pounding the bats on the cage and you could see Kurt covering his ears from the relentless banging which they continued for about 3 or 4 minutes. Dropping the bats, and with one last kick at the side of the cage, the older kids went out of view. Kurt the cage...on hands and knees....face caked with mush....and the dark. As the light went out, sending the naked boy and bbs underground sex pics the basement into darkness, a light went on in the kitchen and living room, where John brought in drinks and chips bbs cgi board mixman for his buds and they turned on adult bbs post the TV. illegale bbs top links The doorbell rang, and when Joey answered, he had this big sheepish grin when he saw Mark and Scott. As he let the kids in, Scott said, "Get 11 yo bbs modell dressed man, we goin' over Jerry's...gotta have a thinkin'." Joey nodded and said, "A'kay...but...." and took off to his room for a shirt and shoes. Shuffling back into the front room with his sneaks half on, he yelled to his folks he'd be back klass bbs in a bit, and he said, "'Sup, men?" as he pulled the door shut. "We wanna tell you and Jer together, so just keep yer pants on till we get there," said Mark. "Whutcha thinking about whut happened this afternoon?" Mark snickered and poked Joey. "Man...I tell yuh...I still can't believe it. I get kitty bbs porn a scary excitey shiver whenever I picture ever'where I sticked my cock today," he said, hunching up onto his toes as he walked grabbing nn bbs gallery his crotch and rubbing it nasty angels bbs around. The others laughed at him, and agreed. Hands deep in their pockets, the three kids fisting forum bbs trudged off to Jerry's, their dicks tingling with the thoughts of their afternoon dee-light. Jerry was in the drive, shootin' baskets when they got there. His face lit up, but he also got some dark shadows in his mind's bbs baby ranchi cp eye as he bbs free nude switched back to the memory of this afternoon. ls island models bbs "Hey, hey, guys," he hailed, and they slapped hands as Scott stole the ball and charged the basket for a layup. When he dribbled back to the others, Mark was already bbs sex baby young lola bbs guestbook talking while they squatted in the middle of the drive. " we couldn't get this afternoon out of our minds and needed to talk...sorta like what hardcore teenie bbs we're doin' with you now....and went over to sexy baby bbs Kurt's. Tell 'em Scott." Scott sat down on the basketball, leaned in, and proceeded to animatedly relate what they saw in Kurt's basement window just about a half teen bbs jp hour ago. As mouths fell open, a pall fell over them all. They sat a pedo ilegal bbs long moment in silence when Scott finished his tale with "....and then we headed here." Joey gave out with a long low whistle....and Jerry said, "So that's why he my xxx bbs collection knew so much about what he was doin' with Paul and Shuey." Mark chimed in, "'Zack'ly. I was bugged by that all afternoon....and soon's I saw this in the basement, I jus' knew. He musta been doin' 'iss fer ever since his brother's firs' hardon. But now....thing is...whutta we do next sexy teens bbs time, like. We said we wuz gonna be funnin' Shue and Paul ever' nude asian boys bbs top erotic bbs afternoon, like we did today." Jerry jumped up and said, "Yeh, and now how do we do russian top bbs 100 anything, without thinkin' 'bout Kurt....." "....and not making him get on our meat like Shuey and Paul, ya know?" They settled out agreeing to make believe they don't know 'bout Kurt, a-n-n-n-d, they wouldn't tell Paul or Shue, but see whut happens when they get to the Quarry after school next day. Their hands shot out to the middle of their circle and slapped one on top of the other like they do before a ballgame, to seal the deal, and they whooped and stood up. They broke up for home, still talking about what they did that day. Boy hards were tenting their pants....hands were in pockets bbs angel preeteen nude worming around at play. Joey broke off as they reached his house, and Mark and Scott continued on. "Man, Mark...I'm hot as a firecracker! I could go off any minute," said Scott. "You got that right! I can't wait to get home, man," agreed Mark. Scott stopped, grabbing Mark's shoulder, and said, "Why wait, man. Let's get off the street right now and get ourselves off." And, without waiting, Scott took off at the run to a vacant lot on their way, where Mark followed and they dropped to their knees bbs nonude girls at the back of the lot in the tall weeds. Scott had his dick out of his pants at the drop of a zipper and he free tgp bbs passwords shuddered as he tugged off the first 'lectric shocks. Mark was still standing in the near total darkness sex bbs sites of the evening, and dropped his shorts and boxers to his feet. Scott looked up, almost right into the eye of Mark's peter. As Mark grabbed hold of his bobbing boypiece, he couldn't resist hitting Scott in the cheek with it. As Scott yelled, "You fucker!" at Mark, Mark smacked his lips with the now soppy, leaky cockhead, and squealed "You ate me! You blowed my dick man!" Then russian bbs thumbs they hysterically scuffled and rolled all over the ground, with their shorts petit girls bbs at bbs lsm photo link their bbs shave ankles, laughing and giggling, trading tickling for cock and nut grabbing, till they were gasping for breath and fell silent on their backs. Scott took Mark's wrist in his hand, and said, "I'll let you put my hand on you, if I can put your hand bald pussies bbs tgp on me.....wanna?" His top kds bbs links chest still heaving, Mark said, "Phwooouhh! Yeh...a'kay, but.....togedder." They rolled to each other, tentatively, they searched out each other's wrists and managed to get them a buddy's hand on each dick. "Nnnnghhhhhuhuh," was all they heard from deep in each other's throat for a long moment there. Soon, they moved to sitting cross-legged, without either one letting go of his prize, as they tugged on each other, feeling those hardening ridges under their buddy's velvet boycock skin. They were rocking up and back off their butts, with their cracks flexing and tightening. Soon they were hunching their peters into each other's hands and their gasping faces fell into each other's shoulder, as they bucked furiously, and shot rope after cum creamy glorious rope up to their necks, all over their shirts, arms and hands. Gleaming teen cream shimmered in the light of distant street lamps and a bright moon. Ohhhhhh, so goooooooood! preeteen pics bbs They shivered. Trembled. The boys literally hung off and onto each other in their boy wracking aftercum spasms. Fuckin' cum was everywhere....and was still ooze pulsing over their cock-fisted fingers....which kept squeezing their still hard boy rods. With a big sigh, Scott pulled back, and wheezed...."That was great, Markie....sooooo great! I'm glad we did it." Mark said, "Oh yehhhh....ummmm. Great. Know whut? Geeeez....soooogoood....we oughta camp out some nights, so we can have funs whenever we know?" Standing, Scott said, " when we were little kids...but lots more fun, eh?" Mark said, "' bigger too," as he wagged his meat around. They both laughed as they clasped sticky hands and Scott pulled Mark to his feet. They laughed harder seeing their hard cum sopped pricks standing up out of their pants like toy soldiers. Holstering up, they made their way, arm in arm out to street, and home. bbs sex tgp bbs teens models links free child porn bbs youn girls bbs yo bbs Man was it early! The sun was barely up, and four teen dudes were making their way through morning showers, preening and getting breakfast before taking off for school an hour early. What the fuck is this all about? It was about 6:15 and Jerry, Joey, Mark and Scott were making their way up their streets. Mark and Scott met up on their street, Jerry met Joey on theirs, and they sheepy-looked at each other bbs dog cum at being caught sneaking out early. As each kid met up with top tgp bbs his bud, he said, "Kurt?" "Yeh." Then each kids rompl bbs buddy pair surprised the other as they reached the main street. Realizing they were all up to the same thing, Mark and Scott ran up to the others and they took off for Kurt's. While they were walking, Jerry said, "Man, I'm embarrassed here...I don't want us caught looking in somebody's basement window, on hands and knees, in daylight, ya know?" Mark said the driveway was secluded from the next house, and the only thing was whether Kurt's folks leave early for work and stuff, but they could take turns watching the doors for in case somebody comes out. Agreed, they turned onto Kurt's street and made their way to his house and bbs cunt up the drive. Just like the night before, the only car was John's...his truck. Their folks must be away. That explained how all the craziness could be going on. Jerry watched the front door, Joey went to the back, and Mark free child model bbs and Scott got down to look through the basement window. The glare off the window and the dimness of the basement made it impossible to see anything. Disappointed, the kids were getting up when they dropped like bbs ru photo 16 rocks with the brightness of a light coming on. "Awwwk!" Mark squalled. Scott was teenfuns nude bbs links shock! Without a word, they child bbs sites got up careful not to make a shadow on the window, and took Jerry's and Joe's places for the other kids to see now. Jerry and Joey, creeped forward bent legged to the window on either side and lay flat on their bellies to peer into the now fully lit basement. Before their shocked eyes, was Kurt's brother John opening a little door on free bbs sex pics a large steel dog cage. Kurt was crawling and slipping through the opening with a big black collar around his neck. When he was completely out they homemade bbs could see he had some stuff caked all over his face. As his brother attached a chain leash to the collar, Kurt kissed John's hand....for which he was backhanded, and yanked up to stand up straight on his knees. John had just a bath towel toplist cp bbs around his waist which he dropped and pulled Kurt's face to a nice sized hang there, which Kurt held with fingers of both hands like an offering, and kissed and kissed and kissed. John was bbs porn websites yelling something, and Kurt bowed his head, just before the leash was yanked and Kurt followed John, crawling out teen world bbs of the sight of the window....and some seconds later the basement went dark. Jerry and Joe, got to their feet, and waved Mark and Scott from the front and back of the house, and they all got together midway down the drive. Joey, looked at Scott and Mark, and said breathlessly, "You ain't nevah gonna believe dis!" while Jerry nodded excitedly....shaking all over. Then they all ducked, and looked up with the sound from an upstairs window when a shower was turned on, and they heard, "....and scrub your big brudder up nice and squeaky clean yuh fuckin' young petite nude bbs queer, and if you do good, yuh can suck on 'iss juicy cock!" boy little bbs bbs paysite They'd seen dark collection 12yo bbs and heard enough. They were outta there! On the dead run bbs lola underground gallery they hit the street, and then slowed down once they were out of sight of Kurt's place. Early zoo sex cp bbs as they were for school, and with time to kill, they goofed schoolgirl bbs along, kickin' a can here lolta to bbs and heavin' a rock there, figuring they'd bbs voyeur fotos get alyssa bbs into the gym when they got to school and take a basketball out to the court and shoot some hoops til classes. They did just that, and as it got close to start of school, Jerry saw boys bbs nude Shuey and Paul coming past the court. Instinctively, they broke out in a run to join up with their buds...then caught themselves. Stopping....they realized things might be very different now...but Joey hollered for them to come inside the fenced in court. They broke out in big smiles, and the gate creaked as uncensored photos bbs they opened it and went through. They all slapped hands and said, "Hi" and "Hey" to each other. Then, as if by plan, Shue and Paul were surrounded by the others. Joey said, "Drop yer shorts, dudes, and gimme yer underwears." They couldn't believe it! They looked into each kids face....each boy nodded back to them. No doubt....the nightmare goes on!Please write and tell me if you incest teens bbs like my story. Send comments to Jarrod749aol.comNegative or positive comments welcome.
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